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Name : Blakes Pest Management
Phone : 02 9636 2957
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23 Jewelsford Road
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The Leading Pest Control in Bankstown

It’s very important to keep a clean environment both at home and work. Keeping your surroundings free from germs and damage means an effective approach to jobs such as termite inspection and cockroach treatment. If you need any type of pest control in Bankstown you have come to the right place.

We provide termite inspection to cockroach control and extermination

For a comprehensive service that consists of far more than getting rid of termites, as important as that is, we’re for you. Termites may be considered one of the most destructive pests there are, but other insects also cause many problems and some, such as wasps and spiders, can be life-threatening. Cockroaches and rodents can spread disease and make you and your family very sick, too.

We offer innovative treatments to get rid of many different kinds of insects, including clothes moths and carpet beetles that can ruin your expensive clothes and carpets if they are not dealt with. They particularly like natural fibres, but will also ruin anything that is made with a blend of synthetic and natural fibres. If you have birds’ nests under the eaves you may have carpet beetles as the nest is their natural environment; they migrate into the house from there.

Traditional termite inspection and control consisted of spraying toxic chemicals into the soil around and under your home. Modern treatment is less invasive and actually kills off the termites in the house and in the nest rather than just preventing entry. This means you don’t have to run the risk of poisoning the environment, but can keep the poison in the baiting station. However, depending on the situation, it is sometimes necessary to use more than one method.

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If you have a problem with cockroaches or any other creature, speak to us today on (02) 9636 2957.