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Name : Blakes Pest Management
Phone : 02 9636 2957
Email : blakespmg@bigpond.com

23 Jewelsford Road
NSW 2145

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The Best Pest Control in Penrith

Don’t let your residence or work place be overrun! Not only can different infestations cause health problems – they can also lead to structural damage and expensive renovations down the track. Our professional rodent and cockroach control service will ensure that you are safeguarded from these issues.

When it comes to pest control, Penrith residents realise that only highly trained and licensed professionals are able to do the job properly and with lasting results. Our method of controlling termites goes beyond just providing a chemical barrier that your children may easily come into contact with. A barrier does nothing to eliminate insect pests from the area. We install bait stations – mostly underground – that any termites in the area will come into contact with and the bait will wipe out the nest. This is preferable to simply poisoning all the soil around the house.

Efficient control of rodents, cockroaches, and a lot more

We also offer treatment for many other kinds of pests, from insects like cockroaches to different types of rodent. Control of these is our specialty. Often rats and mice will be attracted to food left out for pets or chooks and it is not long before they invade the home. Fleas can easily become a problem, especially if you have dogs or cats. Carpet beetles and silverfish can do a lot of damage in the home. But we can find and treat these pests in a safe way that will not harm the environment or anyone who comes into contact with it.

So if you are looking for pest control in Penrith, you have come to the right place. Our methods are safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. We have a team of professionals ready to answer your call and discuss your insect problem no matter what it is. Call us now to ensure your residential or business premises are protected from insect damage.

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If you’d like us to come out and assess your property, call (02) 9636 2957 or send us an email today.