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If you are looking for termite pest control in Sydney you have come to the right place. We offer pest control services for white ants or termites so that you don’t have to worry about your home being damaged from these destructive pests. The main trouble with termites is that they can invade your home and eat out significant chunks before you even know they are there. Most pests are more readily seen than that so you can do something about them quickly.

The best way to find out if you have a termite problem is to have a professional inspection done. We know just what to look for and the places in your home most likely to be under attack from termites. We know how to find their activity without disturbing them so that we can lay baits that will be taken back to the nest, which can be many meters away. Unless this is done the termites will quickly return.

We are fans of the environment so our pest control measures are always environmentally friendly. That means they cause the least amount of damage possible to the soil around your home and make it safer for your pets and children to play on. The termite baits that we use are mostly placed underground and when termite activity is seen, chemicals are added that are taken back to the nest and will eventually wipe it out completely. So don’t let your home tumble down; contact us for termite pest control in Sydney.

Termites Pest Control Termite pest control Sydney ensures that we rid your termites, more commonly referred to as “white ants”, once and for all. They are a destructive type of insect that can cause significant damage to wooden structures such as furniture, your home or work premises.
Cockroaches Pest Control Cockroaches are a primitive creature that can live for years. Six families of cockroaches are found worldwide, consisting of 4000 species. 400 of these species are currently found in Australia,with only a handful being introduced pests that invade homes and rummage through food and garbage.
Ants Pest ControlAnts are social insects that live in nests. Their nests vary in size, depending on their age and species. Generally, they are
found in the ground, in wood or under rocks. Though, ants can also nest in walls, fireplaces, under paths and in buildings.
Rodents Pest ControlIn Australia, a number of rodent species are considered to be agricultural pests. Two of the most problematic are the house mouse (Mus domesticus) and black rat (Rattusrattus), which were introduced around the time of European settlement. House mice in particular are found throughout agricultural cropping areas, as well as around sheds and houses.
Fleas Pest ControlFleas are external parasites that harm the health of humans, cats, dogs and other mammals. There are 16 different families of fleas worldwide, consisting of approximately 2380 species.
Bees Pest ControlBees belong to the insect order Hymenoptera, which also comprises of the wasps, ants and sawflies. In Australia, four main bee families are currently present: Apidae, Colletidae, Halicidae and Megachilidae. Many of these bees are solitary nesters, while others may share a nest.
Wasps Pest ControlWasps are a diverse group of insects. In Australia alone, there are more than 12,000 species. These range from the tiny priid wasps, which are barely visible to the naked eye, to the spider and cicada-killer wasps capable of taking large prey. Most wasps have carnivorous larvae that feed on other insects and spiders.
Lice Pest ControlLice are small, wingless insects that are parasites of birds and mammals. They are usually less than 10 millimetres in length and are rarely seen without the aid of a microscope or magnifying glass.
Silverfish Pest ControlThere are only four families of silverfish found worldwide which consists of approximately 370 species. In Australia, just two of these families are represented with 28 present species.
Carpet Beetles Pest ControlCarpet beetles cause damage to fabrics, furnishings and clothing that contain wool, silk, hair, bristles, fur, or feathers. Synthetic items are resistant to their attack, but mixtures of synthetic and natural fibres can be damaged. The natural habitats of carpet beetles are nests of birds, rodents, insects and spiders.
Clothes Moths Pest ControlAlthough less common than carpet beetles, clothes moths are frequently experienced in similar environments to carpet beetles; namely woollen materials, felt, fur and other materials of animal gin.