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The Number One Rodent Control around Sydney

Pest Control ParramattaThere’s nothing fun about being overrun with unwanted guests, whether it’s in your home or at work. We’re not talking about your in-laws, but mice and rats, which are two of the most common household pests in Australia. There are a number of signs to look out for if you’re trying to find out whether you have a rodent control problem around your home. Two of the most obvious signs are:



Noises coming from walls or your roof

While you may think otherwise, it can be quite easy to hear rats and mice scurrying around your walls or roof. They’re louder than you may think, so keep your ears open!

Physical evidence

Check less open areas around your home for droppings (usually around articles of food). Also, if you find some nibble marks on food items anywhere it’s a tell-tale sign of their presence. Also, due to their incisors constantly growing, they’ll gnaw on different things to keep them at an appropriate length.

Call the control professionals to get the job done properly

If you have any of the above symptoms in your home, you are in need of professional rodent control services to properly remove the problem. It can be very difficult to completely eradicate them without the proper knowledge and equipment, so if you’re in the Sydney CBD, Castle Hill, Bankstown or their surrounding areas, speak with us.

A complete range of services to suit your needs

Further to the comprehensive removal of rodents, we also deal with a long list of other pests you may have. From termites to cockroaches and more, we’re here to assist you. Our services are widespread throughout the Sydney area, and stretch from Bankstown up to Castle Hill and across into the CBD.