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Professional Termite Inspection and Treatment

There are few things worse than a ‘white ant’ infestation in your home or place of business. When it comes to termite treatment, there is a need for quick action that is not going to harm the environment. No-one wants to live in the middle of a poisoned home site; that is why we make sure that our treatment is the least invasive possible. We use underground baits that can be used as an alert to inform us of termite presence and then we apply the chemicals necessary to wipe out the white ants that are present as well as those that are back in the nest.

Unless the nest is also wiped out, they will attack again, and you may not know that they are there until more damage has occurred. Years ago, the only treatment available was to spray under and around the house site with toxic chemicals; these days there are better and safer options that attract and poison only the termites. We believe that it is better to protect the environment from poisonous chemicals as much as possible, which is why we use bait stations set underground.

Few people can recognise the existence of termites in their homes, as tunnels are not in places that are easily seen. They can easily eat out the load-bearing beams in the roof cavity, and the first you know of their presence is when cracks appear in the ceiling. That is why regular pest inspections should be scheduled.

Commonly known as “white ants”, they are an extremely disastrous type of insect. They are attracted to wood and unfortunately consume it, causing millions of dollars’ damage to homes throughout Australia every year. That’s why it is absolutely vital that your home is treated for termites and their destructive nature. We are proud to provide termite inspection throughout many areas including the Sydney CBD, Penrith, Castle Hill and more.

Treatment and management is best
The most effective method to reduce long-term risk of infestation is treatment and management. A monitoring and interception system is made up of several different systems which all notify home and business owners as soon as termites become present, triggering the need for inspection, treatment and baiting. These systems are inspected regularly, and as soon as they become evident, treatment chemicals are added which are specifically designed to kill off the nest.

If you have (or suspect you have) an infestation, speak with us on (02) 9636 2957 today for the fastest solution.

How to determine if you have a problem
For an existing homeowner, the best way to find out whether you have termites is to get an inspection performed as soon as possible. This will determine whether or not you have them, and additionally, if there is potential for them to become an issue in the future. From there, you should discuss the most feasible solution that fits your budget with our professional controllers in Sydney.

If you are looking at buying a new home, you will need to pre-purchase termite inspection. This is obligatory, as no financial institution will approve a loan without one.

We deal with all types of pests – call us today to make an appointment
We treat all normal household infestations including bird lice, ants, rodents, cockroaches, spiders, and everything else. Servicing areas in and around the Sydney CBD including Castle Hill and Penrith and more, our aim is to provide you with a safe and pest-free environment that you can truly enjoy.

Please view our pests treated page for a more comprehensive list of what we do, or call (02) 9636 2957 to book our services.